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Sir James Galway Concert

Galway I'm somewhat better today, and maybe something can work out for dance (Thanks, Emily and dear husband!). 

Tonight, older son and I are going to the James Galway concert in Greensboro (part of the Eastern Music Festival) .  Since I first heard him play, James Galway has been my favorite flutist, and I try to get a chance to hear him whenever he comes to this area.  I've been looking forward to this concert since I found out about it. 

I was amazed and ecstatic to find that he will be playing two of my absolute favorite pieces (so favorite that I used them for auditions.   I have to love a piece to spend that much time on it).  I played the Prokofiev Sonata in D Major as one of my audition pieces for the NC School of the Arts (for James Galway's performance, listen here, here, here, and here), and I also played it a few years later for a competition.  It's one of the pieces I know best - and because I can play it by heart (and often do), my family knows it well too.  He will also be playing my beloved Chaminade Concertino (listen here) which I played for an audition for the MIT orchestra, years ago.  I've been practicing it lately, even though I have no opportunity to perform it (it's difficult for me to work, in depth, on a piece if I'm not performing it).

We will be home late, tired, and happy.

[Oh, I finished Harry Potter yesterday.  Loved parts, didn't love others.  May blog about it on Friday.]


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