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Friday Fun Song: Christine Lavin's "Getting in Touch With My Inner B..."

[Song with attitude and some language.  But you should have guessed that from the title.]

[Another note:  I wrote this post earlier this week.  Today is cool and cloudy - enjoyable, even if it is just to get me back for complaining!]

My two least favorite months are January and July.*  In January, the days are too short, the sunlight is too weak, and seasonal depression is in full swing.  You can go outside and walk or hike, but it's too cold to sit and relax.  Even while bundled up and drinking something hot.  We've tried.

In July, at least, there's lots of sun and the gardens are blooming.  However, walking at any kind of a good pace leaves me drenched, and, although I can sit outside in the shade and relax with a glass of ice water, I can even get overheated doing that!  (I did, twice, last week).  It's frustrating.

GettingintouchIn grouchy July, or depressing January, PMS cranks everything up (or down) a notch.  So, in honor of July's PMS here's Christine Lavin's "Getting In Touch with My Inner B..." from her CD of the same name - recorded in concert (full lyrics here).  Click here to listen to a sample. 

Everybody thinks I'm a nice girl
And that's true
Except for one little hitch
When I'm not being a nice girl
I'm Getting In Touch With My Inner Bitch

Some people have an inner child
Some people hear an inner voice
Some people have inner calm
Good for them!
But me I've got no choice
Some people have an inner cop
Some people hear an inner clown
But I've got me an Inner Bitch
And it's hard to keep that Inner Bitch down!...

Have an opinionated Friday the 13th of July!

*  That's not totally true.  My absolutely least favorite month is December.  However, I block December out of my mind the rest of the year.  I don't even consider it part of the normal year.  December is time out of time - a month devoted to worrying, rushing, and feeling guilty.  Even on the hottest, most hectic days of July, I'm glad it's not December!


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