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Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors performed by Athena's Train

Athena's Train, a girls only theater group, will be performing Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors at the ArtsCenter in Carrboro, NC this weekend (Saturday at 8 pm, and Sunday at 3 pm).  We've seen a few of their performances, and they're a lot of fun.  "Athena's Train" comes from combining "the Greek goddess of the arts with Shakespeare's word for a royal retinue."  More information from the ArtsCenter background for the play

Athena’s Train is a theater troupe run by and for girls eighteen and under. Each summer the troupe puts on a Shakespeare play. During Shakespeare's time, only males were allowed on the stage; women’s roles were always played by boys or young men. Athena’s Train reverses this tradition and has females play all the roles, thereby giving girls the opportunity to inhabit what are considered some of Shakespeare's best roles. Athena’s Train also allows girls the chance to produce, direct, and participate in other aspects of the theatre .

What makes it even more fun for us is that we know a number of the girls in it.  Some are from the two homeschooling groups we belong to, and this year's director was part of the playgroup we were in when older son and daughter were little.

More on Athena's Train here



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