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Seven Random Facts Meme

Emily at All Right Here tagged me for this meme last week.  I've been thinking about it off and on during this busy week.  All three kids have been sick with a bad cold, daughter's got dance rehearsals all week for the recital on Sunday, and I've been trying to get everything cleaned up and put away after camping.

1.  I can't stand having anything tight around my neck - which rules out turtlenecks altogether, and I don't like t-shirts with small neck openings.

2.  I think the first wildflower name I learned was gentian. 

3.  I can eat one truffle.  Two truffles have too much caffeine, and they give me a migraine.

4.  When I was in Junior High and we lived in upstate NY, I used to listen to WLS at night before falling asleep - when it came in.  It was top 40, AM station in Chicago. 

5.  I can't stand buzzing lights or computers.

6. I've lived in North Carolina since 1975, but I've never picked up any of the accent.

7.  I loved going to amusement parks when I was growing up (particularly Cedar Point in Ohio), but dear husband and the kids get motion sick so  we've never been to one as a family. 

You're supposed to tag people for this meme, but I don't have the energy.  If you like this meme and haven't done it yet, consider yourself tagged.  Leave a note in the comments so I can come see!



Here are my 7 odd personal facts. Any you didn't already know?

Nigel Tangelo

This intrigued me, so I decided to try it. My seven are here, if you want to look at them.


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