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Our Friday Durham day: Part 1, Shrek the Third and the Northgate expansion

I've read other homeschoolers writing about how fun it was to go see movie matinees on weekdays since you can get the theater all to yourself.  Older son is 19, and we'd never done that - mostly because we usually  wait until the weekends so that dear husband can see movies with us.  Dh, however, wasn't all that interested in seeing Shrek the Third so we went to a 12:15 matinee on Friday.  We were the only ones in the theater - which meant that, for a change, I didn't have to keep shushing younger son who got to comment to his eight-year-old heart's delight. 

The movie was pretty good - more of an action film than the other two, and I'll leave some spoiler opinions in the comments.  We hadn't been to the new theaters at Northgate Mall before, and I realized that I've gotten spoiled by seeing movies at the ($2/seat) second-run Graham Theater.  For the $25 that I spent on tickets at the mall theater (matinees are now $6?!), we could get tickets, snacks and drinks at the Graham. 

The Northgate theaters are new and take the place of the old Hudson Belk department store.  They're turning that end of the mall into an outdoor area which seems to be the new thing in mall design.  From what I saw yesterday, I'm not all that impressed.  The proportions of the outdoor space are, so far, strange.  There's a picture on the mall news page (about halfway down).  It doesn't look too  bad from that angle, but when you come out of the theaters (lower level - the upper level is a restaurant) you stare straight into the stairs.  However, if kids can play in it, the fountain could be fun. 

What you also can't see from the picture, taken on a cloudy day, is that this space is bright!  In late May, with mild weather in the low 80's, we didn't want to stay by the fountain.  Younger son wanted to keep his eyes closed.  In July, this plaza will be oppressive, and those three little trees aren't going to help much. 

They're still only half done with the outside so hopefully it will improve as they finish.  Northgate is my second favorite local mall (not that I go there all that often anymore).  University Mall is my favorite - it's even smaller than Northgate.  I'm not much into shopping...

Part 2 to come. 


M Light

Spoiler comments on Shrek the Third:

The action part of the movie was pretty good. The whole emotional Shrek/Arthur part was more standard and not as interesting, plot-wise, as the first and second movies. The Shrek as a troubled, new father part could have been done without. It didn't really add much to the movie.

One of my favorite parts was the princess part at the end. Daughter and I have always made fun of the Disney movies where the princesses just wait to be rescued. Led by Fiona and Julie Andrews (I mean, the queen), it's fun to see what those princesses can finally do!


We hadn't been to that mall in ages but now that ds is going to a Wed nite Bible Study in Durham I've been to it several times in the last few months... as you know I have a pretty strong love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with malls... but we noticed the changes last week when we were there.
I wasn't particularly impressed either but you articulated why much better than I could! :-)

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