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Gardens - May 11, 2007


One of the many reasons we have indoor cats.  He's been scurrying around the deck for the last week.  If anyone of us sees him (or her, it's not as obvious as it is with squirrels), we alert the others. 

Also for you to check out - along with lots of wonderful spring, bird photos, Monarch's Nature Blog has a great chipmunk video.


Perennial Bachelor's Buttons (Centaurea). 


Irises.  They almost seem to glow in the sunlight.




Lily of the Valley.  When older son was a baby, we rented a house that had a large patch of these.  I love the scent.  I've never had much luck growing them, though - only a few come up. 


He's been wandering around the flats of annuals.  We love watching him.


Snapdragons with sugary-sweet-smelling Bath Pinks (Dianthus) in the lower right corner, Acquilegia Canadensis in the upper right (and in the foreground), and daisies in the background.


Evening Primrose (Oenother Speciosa).  They bloom beautifully, and they'll take over a bed if you let them.  I let them bloom and then trim them back to one small corner of the bed.


I know... another snapdragon picture.  I love the riot of colors here - the snapdragon, johnny-jump-ups and the Aquilegia Canadensis.



Your garden is lovely! Chipmunks are so cute - I almost wish that we had them around, but then again, I know better.


This is wonderful and thanks for the link to my video! Those chipmunks are soo cute!

M Light

Thank you, Laurie! We don't have any garden trouble with the few chipmunks we get (one every few years). Unfortunately, the neighborhood cats get them eventually.

M Light

You're welcome, Mon@rch! I've been showing everyone your chipmunk video.

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