An Unexpected Change of Mood

The Water is Wide - Indigo Girls, Jewel, Sarah McLachlan

The Water is Wide is an English traditional song - centuries old.  We have a number of versions on various CD's - including Maura O'Connell's, John Gorka's, Eva Cassidy's and Lucie Blue Tremblay's.  Here are the Indigo Girls, Jewel, and Sarah McLachlan who sang it in concert at the Lilith Fair. 

Here are a few more versions:  Celtic Woman's from The Water is Wide, Connie Dover's from The Border of Heaven, and June Tabor's from Definitive Collection.

[Maura O'Connell's version from Just in Time.  John Gorka's version from Where Have all the Flowers Gone:  The Songs of Pete Seeger. Eva Cassidy's version from American TuneLucie Blue Tremblay's version from Tendresse.]



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