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"Insomnia Blues" - Carla Sciaky

Mild insomnia:  Getting to sleep around 1 am
Moderate insomnia:  2 to 3 am
Severe insomnia:  4 am
This is getting ridiculous!:  5 am
Boy, am I in trouble:  6 am.  The birds are in full voice by then.  I had to close the window.

Teaching aerobics this morning on an hour of sleep was ... interesting.  The dizziness the rest of the day was rather interesting also.

Awakening Here's Insomnia Blues by Carla Sciaky - with the wonderful Ann Rabson* (of Saffire:  The Uppity Blues Women) playing blues piano.  This is from her CD, Awakening.  Click here to listen to a clip.

She captures it pretty well:

...I've tried counting a flock of sheep
It doesn't really work; it just rhymes with sheep
If I were as dumb as those ewes and rams
Maybe I'd be leaping fences with the sandman

Breathe easy now, relax
Why am I thinking about Halifax?
I've never been to Halifax and I don't really care
Though Maybe I would be asleep if I were there
I've got the I wanna be asleep but I'm not
Insomnia blues

Wish I could use all this time on my hands
If I were in college, just think how I could cram
But when I was in college I kept falling asleep
Oh life isn't fair; where's the stupid sheep?

Now I lay me down to weep
I pray the Lord will let me sleep
If I should die before dawn breaks
At least I won't have had to spend this whole d... night awake
I've got the everybody's sleeping and I'm not
Insomnia blues
I've got the everybody's sleeping and I'm not
I've got the even my foot's asleep and I'm not
Insomnia blues
Insomnia blues

*  For more good music to listen to, check Ann Rabson's Myspace page.


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