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This shows an all too common NIMBY ("Not in my back yard") attitude about causes. It is easier (safer) to espouse causes that agitate for someone ELSE'S changed behavior - rather than grapple with issues that would change your own behaviour or everyday life. Why would professors want to change their situation, pandering to the rich student populations and building those comfortable upper-middle-class communities with their comfortable aesthetics and amenities? Individuals on either side of the political aisle would rather tackle something in someone else's back yard. You have to wonder, even, if most abolitionists in the early 1800s would have been as engaged if slavery had still been a part of life in the North... From Massechusetts it was safe and easy to fulminate on the injustices taking place in the South. "There is nothing new under the sun." People are and will always be the same. Some individuals stand out and stand up (though even they have ulterior motives in so many cases) but as a herd we are remarkably predictable.
One final remark - college used to be the exclusive realm of the wealthy. The GI bill made the largest demographic shift in this. I wonder if the current swing is really just a return to economic/cultural normal after the anomoly of the 50s and 60s and one follow-on generation beyond.

M Light

So, if this is a return to normal, colleges are not only being conservative but they're actually being reactionary (return to a past of privilege and power).

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