Tarheel Tavern #102
A Brief Note

Tarheel Tavern #102

I didn't have a theme for this week's Tavern so I was curious about what would be sent.  It's a short but thoughtful Tavern this weekend.

Billy the Blogging Poet sent his poem What Kind of Fool do You Think I Am which is not foolish in the slightest. 

No more burned marshmallows at Another Blue Puzzle Piece brings a grownup view to a childlike pastime - or rather he's using his childhood view to understand adult behavior.

It was a prolific writing week for Coturnix at A Blog Around the Clock so I've included a few (unlike me, he doesn't seem to write less when the days are short and grey). 

What could be better for a biologist than following in Darwin's footsteps (or boatsteps)?  (Okay, unlimited research funding would be better).  Since Coturnix can't go on the voyage, he's going to  Help Fund the Beagle Project - and have fun doing it! (and you can help too!)

Responsible consumption of shrimp tells how those of us who like seafood can eat in an environmentally responsible way. 

Big Plans for NC (and Triangle) Blogging in the New Year describes a variety of ways to get further involved with local bloggers.

Scrutiny Hooligans describes how progressives can re-energize the local Democratic party in Rethink Your Precinct.

Dear husband has a new blog, Color Sweet Tooth where he wrote about being In the Company of Men (which is where he is tonight - I usually volunteer for the Tavern when he is at the court poker game). 

And my post this week is "Rent" on stage about seeing a fantastic touring performance in Chapel Hill.

Next weekend, Tarheel Tavern #103 will be at Science and Politics. And, if you would like to host, e-mail coturnix AT gmail DOT com or lponeill AT att DOT net (check the schedule here for available weekends). 

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Thanks for hosting! I haven't been visited by the writing muse lately other than to write random notes, but I'll enjoy visiting these other posts.

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