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I started reading Newsweek in Junior High, and my mother got me my own subscription when I went off to college.  I've had a subscription ever since, but I've finally decided to let it lapse this year.  It has more and more fluff in it, for instance, numerous articles pandering to about the Baby Boomers or the issue two weeks ago featuring B. Spears and P. Hilton (whom I've never understood as a celebrity - has she ever done anything newsworthy?  Acted, sung, helped the poor, etc.?).  I won't spell out their names because then I'll get all kinds of searches for them (yes, it's a way to increase your blog traffic, but then we get back to the pandering bit). 

Now, factual articles about the demographics of the Baby Boom, their influence, health issues facing them, etc., are fine, but many of the Newsweek articles have been focused more on Boomer trivia.  And the cover for the Spears/Hilton article smacks more of People magazine than a serious news magazine, though the article itself actually did include some historical background and cultural analysis.  In the end, however, it wasn't all that useful.  That's what I find from too many of Newsweek's "culture" articles, and even the news articles vary in quality.  It's no longer worth my limited reading time.

A few days ago, the corner of a catalog was sticking out of a stack of mail.  The only thing visible was a scantily clad arm and hip, and I joked that it must have been the new issue of Newsweek.  It wasn't - it was the latest Victoria's Secret catalog.  I occasionally find something I like in the catalog - a cute nightgown or an unusually-for-them not-low-cut sweater.  But, it's always interesting to look through...

...or make fun of.  For instance, if you can't remember what color you're wearing, this outfit is useful, although the letters really should go backwards so that you can read them in a mirror.   And, even if it's low-cut, "sexy" and "polo shirt" just don't go together.  What is the point of this kind of pant - except to look like Bert dancing with the penguins in Mary Poppins?  Again, what, exactly, is this outfit saying?  This one says drippy popsicle collection.  I also can't imagine that the uplifting bust treatment "intensive toning gel" could do a whole lot of good ("Toning gel"?  I picture little gel tubes lifting weights).

They do have some cute outfits, though.  If I actually ever wore dresses (and if I were younger and slimmer), I'd be tempted to buy this dress.  And if it were heavily on sale!   It figures.  The one outfit I liked has disappeared.

I probably won't be getting anything more from their catalog, though.  The nightgown I recently received as a present had to go back because, although it fit well everywhere else, the bust was too tight.  Not in a "slinky" way, but in a "tight enough to flatten like a heavy duty aerobic bra" way.  Victoria's Secret clothes shouldn't flatten - it's just not right!



OK - the "drippy popsicle collection" comment was the one that made me go from grin to LOL. More PG13 than the Fugly site, but you've now done a post in the same vein. I never know what I'm going to find on your blog, even if we've talked about it before I read it.

M Light

But I can't take credit for the "drippy popsicle" comment. That was dear daughter's.

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