Tarheel Tavern #102

P1180130 Day 5 of the tension headache that feels like someone's jabbing a pick into the base of my skull.  Advil is my friend.  So is Ben Gay.   It's a muscular thing - the muscle on the right side of the back of my neck is so tight that it feels more like bone.  I'm definitely at low ebb today.

We did lots of turns yesterday in Theater Dance, and since my dizziness comes from the same sort of muscle tension that the headaches come from, it kind of felt like being on the Mad Hatter (spinning teacup) ride at Disneyworld - even when I was finished with a turn. 

A public works truck just came by spreading some sort of de-icer on our court.  I don't think I've seen them do that before.  There's enough snow for schools to have been cancelled (and probably daughter's ballet, though I haven't heard anything P1180136 definite yet), but not enough to even have a halfway decent snowball fight, and it wasn't sticking to the road even before the truck came by.  The snowman pictured are from the snow we had two weeks ago.

Lina kitty seems to know when I'm not feeling well, and she comes and insists on sitting on my lap.   I just had to go upstairs to move laundry around, and she waited on the window sill next to the desk until I came back.


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