Tarheel Tavern #102
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A Brief Note

As I mentioned, work has gotten busier, and I have two birthdays to get ready for in the next week and a half so blogging will dwindle for a while.  I did finally get rid of my headache last week - doing aerobics Thursday afternoon loosened up my neck enough for the headache to start going away. 

I'm not much for New Year's Resolutions (I'm not much for New Year's anything - it's only a day further), but I did make two this year.  The first one, to practice flute every day, hasn't worked so well.  The second one, to not have so many church-related posts, I have kept.  The posts I've written have just stayed on my computer instead of going on my blog.  I decided not to post them because I thought people probably get tired of them.

Today, however, I started wondering if anyone *likes* church rants posts and maybe misses them.  If you do, I may post one of the ones I have on the computer.  Just leave me a note in the comments.


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