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Zebras in Lieu of Husband

Zebras Walk This Way, an interesting blog with great Charleston pictures, every so often has a "Church Picture in Lieu of Attendance."

These are zebras in lieu of husband.

Dear husband has been at the yearly sales meeting in SC since Sunday.  When we had a queen size bed, it didn't seem as empty as the king size one does without him and his pillow, so I put the zebras there instead.

His company was bought from the parent company last week. We were all worried about it, but the new owners say they're not planning any major personnel changes.  They do want to invest and make their products some of the best in the market - which is good for dear husband since he's one of the new product managers.  He's excited.  I'll hear all about it later this evening. 

My mood has been pretty good overall, except for yesterday afternoon and evening when I was in a foul mood.  I wrote a long rant, and then Typepad was down and I couldn't post it.  By the time Typepad came back up again, I decided not to post it.  It was so ranty that I wasn't even going to allow comments.  I had music to go with it and everything!

P1100073I'm far better today.  It's younger son's birthday so we played games this morning (he likes the new Bionicle game he got for Christmas), and I've been wrapping presents this afternoon.  Dear husband should be home by dinner and celebration time.

Bright colors help to cheer me up so I always put up the brightest towels when dear husband is gone (isn't this just pathetic?!). 

I've also been working on a new weblog.  It's ready and out there, but Google doesn't recognize it yet so you'll never find it.  I'll try to write an introduction for it in the next few days...



Thanks for the link :) I try to do a church picture every Sunday but missed this last since I was offline. Good luck with the zebras in lieu of hubby :(

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