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GORGEOUS! And that frozen water? I'm glad we don't have that kind of cold. Brrr!


You got some great shots in Danville. The "sunday school" building at the UMC is now an arts hall where the local symphony rehearses. The church sold the building.

If you enjoy road trips, you should check out letterboxing. There is actually a letterbox hidden at that courthouse in Yanceyville. www.letterboxing.org


I looked up the Kirk-Holden war mentioned on the sign outside the Caswell County courthouse in Yanceyville. You can read more about it here . Fascinating story of the politics of the South after the Civil War, and how heavy handed handling of the first years of reconstruction resulted in a backlash.


Wow - what beautiful photos! I especially liked the maple seed in the concrete - don't know why. But they're all very, very good.

If you still want to host the THT, please email me and I'll send out a notice.

M Light

Thank you all! And thank you, Becca, for the information about the building (an arts hall is a good use!) and letterboxing.

Some of the pictures are mine,and some are dear husband's.

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