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Moominpappa went to church with me!

Moominpappa went to church with me!

I had a hard time not smiling through the whole service - and most of the way home.

You may return to your regularly scheduled web browsing now...



I felt like a large shaggy beast lumbering quietly in on my four woolly hooves and standing quietly with the others. Rain still in my fur, mist like tiny pearls in the fine lashes over my big brown smiling eyes. I sang and prayed with the others, knelt to my Lord and Savior. It was good to see the red blooms all over the altar, to look for the three kings hidden about the nave, to smile and wave at the others, give the kiss of peace. But mostly I was there to sit by my dear, to hold the hymnal wth her, to say the great Amen together, to be beside her when we received the incarnate essence of God, and to hold her hands afterwards quietly saying words in an ancient tongue, "Anima Christi, sanctifica me, Corpus Christi, salva me..." "Ne permittas me separari a te..." Oh yes. And still in the Presence I wandered happily back out into the rain and mist, smelling the fresh air of the Church of the Great Outdoors. I'll be back soon, my fur longer and shaggier, perhaps, but smelling fresh and earthy. "In hora mortis meae, voca me. Et iube me venire ad te, ut cum Sanctis tuis laudem te in saecula saeculorum."
Docile and woolly I'll come. And if I can be with my Moomin Light I'll come skipping. Amen.

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