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Mountain Views - October 2006

We just got back yesterday from our usual two-week trip to the NC mountains.  It was wonderful and over too soon.  The colors this year were more beautiful than they've been in years!

I'll be writing more in detail, eventually, but here are some photographic highlights.


The gazebo at Broyhill Lake in Blowing Rock.


Grandfather Mountain as seen from the Beacon Heights Trail.


One of our favorite, and most-walked, places - the Bass Lake at the Cone Manor in Blowing Rock.


Another Bass Lake view.


Asters on the Chestoa View Trail west of Linville Falls.

The Cone Manor from across Bass Lake.


The Commissary Road Trail in the Black Mountains.  The peak ahead is Mount Mitchell, the tallest mountain (6,684 feet) east of the Mississippi.  It's one of my favorite places to hike.  The balsam fir forests there are very beautiful and peaceful - especially on cold days like the one we had.  We didn't meet anyone on the trail (the first time that's ever happened!). 

When we got close to the top, we found that the trail was closed off because the observation tower is being rebuilt

Icicles next to the Commissary Road Trail.


View from the Flat Rock Trail (between Grandfather Mountain and Linville Falls) on the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Sunrise view from the deck of the house we were renting.  Grandfather Mountain is covered by the cloud.

Parkway View.

The Blue Ridge Parkway at Doughton Park.

Trees at Doughton Park.


Pumpkins going off into the distance.

I'd be sad to be home, but I gardened all afternoon today, the mums and sage are still in full  bloom, and they're predicting snow flurries on Monday in the northern mountains.



Those are just gorgeous! As far as the leaves go, I've had to console myself with just the trip from Charlotte to North Wilkesboro last Friday.

Erin Monahan

Beautiful pictures. Such gorgeous colors!


Beautiful! I'm from Boone (Newland, actually, but my family lives in Boone now) and living in Korea this year, so it's great to see such good pictures from home. Was it Woolly Worm Festival weekend?

M Light

Thank you all! And yes, last weekend was the woolly worm festival.

This year, we didn't see as many woolly worms as we usually do while hiking (for those of you not from the south, woolly worms are a kind of caterpillar).

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