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Shakespeare - from "Mental Multivitamin"

Mental Multivitamin has an excellent post, "Shakespeare.  Yes, again.  And again." on getting to know Shakespeare.    I phrased it that way deliberately - "getting to know Shakespeare" ... and hopefully get swept away... and maybe even come to love some of it.  That's why I put it that way, rather than just "study Shakespeare" or "learn Shakespeare."  [That often leads to - "I've studied it...I'm done" or "I've learned it; I'm done."]

Getting back to Mental Multivitamin.    This post would be helpful for anyone getting to know Shakespeare - homeschoolers, public schoolers, or grownups.  It recommends movies and has a long list of books along with other advice.

This is only the latest in a long line of posts at Mental Multivitamin about Shakespeare.  These posts are all collected together in "Bardolatry."


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