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A Fun Garden Story

The Reptile Weekend

A few weekends ago we had a wonderful reptile weekend.

Turtles_1 It started out when dear husband found an amorous box tortoise trying to persuade his lady-love to open her shell (to the right).  For about two hours, the sweet nothings did not work, but, when we checked back yet again, he had attracted her interest. 

Some children learn the facts of life in a barnyard.  Younger son learned in the garden while he and dear husband watched the pair (with explanations).  It was humorous, especially when the male fell over backwards, and then flipped her over as he tried to right himself.  Un-amorously, he then quickly crawled away into the flowerbed, leaving the mother of his children upside-down, in the middle of the stairs being observed by potential predators.  Maybe she should have just left her shell closed.


While I was gardening, I found a cute little snake, and, of course, went to get everyone.  Dear husband and older son got out the reptile guide, and we found that it was a Northern Brown Snake (or DeKay's Snake).  North Carolina is at the southern edge of their range - which goes up to southern Maine and southern Canada. 


We were wondering if it was a pregnant female since its lower abdomen was rather bulgy.

We also saw a brown skink that afternoon - no picture because it ran under the van by the time I got back with the camera.


And then we had this tree frog on our kitchen window on Sunday evening. 


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