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"Swept Away" - Mary-Chapin Carpenter

TimesexloveI love all of Mary-Chapin Carpenter's albums, but the one that I've been obsessed with focusing on lately is her second-newest one, Time, Sex, Love.  There are many songs worth mentioning, though I won't go through them all.  The first one, "Whenever You're Ready" starts with a simple piano (like the first song, "Why Walk When You Can Fly," from her album, Stones in the Road).  Then it speeds up a bit and gets a little 50's-ish. 

The second song, "Simple Life," has been a favorite, for the music of course, but I also love the words - and I can relate to them lately!

You're making lists today of all the things you haven't done yet
You're driving everyone crazy, are you having any fun yet
There's nothing wrong with you
The simple life gets complicated
There's nothing you can do,
    just enjoy the view be glad you made it
Cuz thing could be better, cuz things could be worse
Cuz life can be charmed and cursed
There's fast, slow and stall, no reverse

Often lately, I wish there were a reverse.

"Maybe World" also has a 50's-ish sort of melody - and I don't usually care for 50's music so she must do it really well if I enjoy it!  And I love the words for "Someone Else's Prayer"

Tonight the brightest moon in a hundred years
Floods the streets of Rome and I am standing here
Wondering where the ghosts of antiquity
Hide on nights like this once a century"

"Swept Away," however, is my current favorite. 

Some people write slow songs that drag on forever.  It doesn't seem to matter how slow or how long Mary-Chapin Carpenter's songs are, though, they still move and never drag.  "Swept Away" has a constant guitar undercurrent that runs through the entire song.  The words slowly syncopate above, carried on the guitar like ice floes floating on the ocean, gradually drifting this way and that.  Occasionally another guitar sounds like a far-off train whistle.

I have to look up the words, because, as often as I've listened to the song, I've been listening to the music rather than the words. 

I am waiting with a ticket with a carry-on
Peple everywhere on their way, at a run
Then I see you from a distance
Light years later at fate's insistence

Old wounds, sad scenes, love lost, bad dreams
Heartache, old scars, old walls, these are
Swept Away, swept away, swept away.

Go listen - here.


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