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Ooooh! I saw a recipe just today for strawberries and yogurt. Now I'm thinking I should take the kids to the nearest U-pick place or something because it's been YEARS (like since I was a little girl) since I had anything but store-bought strawberries, and I didn't even realize that there was a difference.

The recipe, by the way, was something like, take a bowl full of hulled, cut in half strawberries, splash a tablespoon or so of balsamic vinegar on them, sprinkle a tablespoon and a half or so of brown sugar, let sit for a while (can't remember the details, can you tell?)fill 4 cups half way with Greek non-fat yogurt, add strawberries, and then add more yogurt.


Thanks for the mention, Moomin, and great post. Thanks for the secrets of wild NC mountain fruit. I will check out Slowly She Turned. My resolution this year: find a way to get more real food into my life.


Moomin Light

Interesting idea, Jennifer! I don't usually get around to doing anything recipe-wise with early summer fruit because I'm too busy gardening (and eating straight off the plant).

I think you'll enjoy ...slowly she turned, David.


Hey, I'm glad you enjoyed my food posts. I was getting kind of tired of them - thinking, if I'm this bored, what am I doing, trying to run off my readers? So thanks for the encouragement and the rec!

Moomin Light

Laurie, I was impressed that you were able to manage for the entire month! And it was interesting to see how you went about it. Thanks for your recommendation also!

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