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Memories of Stan Rogers - Geist Magazine

As I've mentioned before, Stan Rogers is one of my all-time favorite musicians.  This evening, I found a wonderful Stan Rogers page at Geist:  Canadian Ideas, Canadian Culture.  The magazine asked readers to send in memories of Stan Rogers and his music.  More than 500 people have written in, and you can read some of their responses here.  Many of them wrote about the song "Barrett's Privateers" (from Fogarty's Cove); here's one story:

I'm sure I'm one of thousands of once expatriated Canadians with a "Barrett's Privateers" story. The first time I even heard of Stan Rogers was in 1980 in the small African town of Siteki, Swaziland. We were a group of young volunteer teachers with WUSC (World University Service of Canada) gathered together after long dusty bus rides for a weekend party. After many bottles of local beer and very cheap, very good South African wine. some of us were starting to get weepy and homesick. Things picked up when a couple of Martimers got up to do a two-step while the crowd sang a rousing version of "Farewell toNova Scotia", but we became spellbound when Stu from Whitehorse, Jane from Glace Bay and Glenda from Halifax began a stirring round of "Barretts Privateers". Of course, we all joined in to shout the chorus whether we knew all the words or not and ended with a huge drunken group hug, leaving our Swazi friends a bit bemused. To this day when I hear the song, ! along with pirates and sailing ships, I think of Swazi beer, geckos on the ceiling and the warm African night with special friends from my youth.
—Julie Holder


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