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Gardening - May 29, 2006

A few recent pictures:

It's summer when the lilies start blooming.  At least we had a nice cool spring - the temperature didn't start regularly hitting the upper 80's until last week (and were we miserable!).  At least it still cools off in the evening.  Even that will be gone by July.


Our foxgloves reseeded themselves in one of the beds last year, blessing us with lots of healthy plants.  We moved those to various beds, and here are the two that I can see best from the computer. 


When I bought these last year, I thought they looked like little petunias.  But they're not, they're a Calibrachoa called "Million Bells."  Unlike petunias, they're a tender perennial, and it seems that our winter last year was mild enough for them to make it through.  We were so pleased!



I just love looking at the pictures from your garden. Delicous!

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