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Tarheel Tavern #58

TthtThe theme for this week's Tarheel Tavern is "strong opinions" - any kind of strong opinions, positive or negative.  It's part of what I like about blogging - finding out what people really think. 

Laurie at  ...slowly she turned  writes,

Has that carton with the picture of happy cows and the USDA organic seal been filled with milk from cows who seldom see a pasture? Is the extra money you're paying for organic dairy products justified?

Read her answer in the Organic Milk Integrity Report.

Mandie at Captivated's Xanga Site says,

They don't make men like they used to...

and ably demonstrates why.  Also check out her new blog, Captivated by Mandie.

Billy the Blogging Poet writes of a former victory, hopefully to be regained

David at 1492 writes about My Immigration Plan (personally, I think it's too efficient for the national government).

I thought a request for strong opinions would lure Mr. Ogre out of his cave, and here he is with More Good NC Homeschooling News (A subject dear to my heart since I've been homeschooling for 13 years).

Gordon at Scrutiny Hooligans discusses Congressman Charles Taylor's recent record both on the sale of National Forest land and on immigration in a three part series:

Charles Taylor Credibility Crisis
Taylor Campaign Fights to Regain Credibility - Part One, The Forest Selloff
Taylor Campaign Fights to Regain Credibility - Part Two, HR 4437

George at Dirty Greek writes about a bad idea - the proposed interstate highway through the North Carolina mountains (skirting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park - like it needs more pollution?!): Conservation and I-3.   

Justin at The View From The Cheap Streets discusses protectionist trade policies and how they fare with the invisible hand at  What I-85 Dragged In I: The Sound of One Invisible Hand Clapping


Immigration, obviously an important topic, is also addressed by Sister Todjah in Hanging our flag upside down, underneath the Mexican flag.

Reverend Mike's House of Homiletic Hash writes about his passion for public education and the reasons for that passion in An Epiphany on Epiphany, of All Things.

Having two teenagers, I'm very familiar with Sleep Schedules in Adolescents! (Continued in More on Sleep in Adolescents)  Bora at Circadiana explains the scientific background behind the behavior I've observed over the last five years and the dangers of ignoring teenagers' sleep needs.

Jude at Iddybud writes in An Opinion on Alleviating Poverty  about current policy (or lack thereof) failures and what voters should do.

Dave at Anonymoses writes

The Opinion Age, the stunted little brother of the Information Age, is moving into adolescence...

in some very strong opinions at The Opinion Age.

Now, part of my own opinionatedness is that I think people should read opinions they might not agree with.  How can you learn if you're never challenged [grin]?!  I find that when I read something I disagree with, I either adjust my own thinking, if the reasoning is good, or sharpen up my own arguments.  So, I won't tell you what part of the political spectrum these posts are on (when they are political).  You'll have to find out for yourself (though, if you've been reading the Tarheel Tavern for a while, you can probably guess).

My own contribution this week is about a kind of faith that I don't understand, Faith and Standardized Tests.

As of tonight, it looks like the Tarheel Tavern still needs a host for next weekend.  If you're interested, e-mail Bora at Coturnix1 (at) aol (dot) com. 

Thanks for reading!  And thank you to everyone who took time, during this beautiful weather, to sit at their computers and send posts!

(and if you're a little late sending something in, I'll add them on Sunday afternoon).



Most excellent! I can't wait to finish reading all the entries.

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In my very strong opinion, this is an excellent Tavern!


Yay, thanks so much for hosting!


I'll enjoy digging through this throughout the coming week. Thanks for hosting!

Billy The Blogging Poet

Great Tavern!

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Very nice Tavern. Thanks once again for hosting.

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