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Tree Skeletons


Winter_treeEvery November, when the leaves are mostly off of the trees, my husband always exclaims about how beautiful the tree skeletons are – their branches, their structure, etc. I always smile politely and listen. Tree skeletons really don’t do anything for me then. At that point in November, I’m usually realizing that I’m in for another winter of seasonal depression – no matter what I try to do about it.

The seasonal depression has been a lot better this year. I’ve been taking walks during the brightest sunniest part of the day. I’ve been exercising just about every day, which always helps with depression. But it’s still there in the background, and I’m always aware of it in how I arrange my day (and this year, although I’ve been feeling good during the daytime, I also have crashed after about 4 or 5 in the afternoon and have had little emotional energy for the evening).

But then, by about mid-February, the sun is significantly higher than in December, the days are longer, and a few flowers are peeking through. That’s when I notice the tree skeletons. They are beautiful! He was right back in November! But then, by late February, some of the trees are starting to get fuzzy and bud out – the maples, the pears an a few others. So I only end up with a brief period of time where I can enjoy the tree skeletons.


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