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Gardening - March 31, 2006

Tarheel Tavern #58

Between going out of town and being sick, I've gotten behind on posting about Tarheel Taverns. 

Two weeks ago, Tarheel Tavern #56 was about parenting and children at Technodad.

Last week, Tarheel Tavern #57 was about memoir blogging at Story Blogging.

Which leads me to Tarheel Tavern #58 which will be posted here at Moomin Light next Sunday (or really late Saturday night). 

For those who don't know about it, the Tarheel Tavern is a blog carnival - a selection of posts sent in by bloggers, usually with a common theme.  The Tarheel Tavern's general theme is writing by North Carolinians, or by others about North Carolina. 

There often is a further theme - such as memoir blogging or parenting and children (you did check out the links above, right?!). 

This week's theme is strong opinions.  Send in anything, either current or older, where you've written about something concerning your passionate opinions - positive or negative.  The opinions can be about anything - political, social, personal, artistic, NCAA, whatever!  This shouldn't be too hard - I would say the majority of bloggers get into blogging to express their strong opinions!

Please send:
Your blog name
Your blog URL
The URL of your opinionated post
A brief description of your post (if you want - otherwise I'll come up with one)

to songfinn (at) yahoo (dot) com by Saturday at 9 pm (I can include things that come in later, but I won't have as much time to thoughtfully read them).  I'll post sometime late Saturday, or on Sunday afternoon.

Any North Carolinian (or others writing about North Carolina) can submit a post.  If you've never submitted a post to a Tavern before, I'd love to hear from you!

For more about the Tarheel Tavern and blog carnivals, or to volunteer to host (next week is still open!):  The Tarheel Tavern


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