Gardening - March 18, 2006
DC Trip

On Vacation

I haven't been posting much because my days lately have been filled with packing, getting ahead at work, and cleaning the house up.  And there won't be any posts for the next half week because we're heading to DC for 4 days. 
Motels are so expensive, even off the end of the Metro line in Virginia, that we found it worked better to stay at a cottage.  So, we're stayingPanda at a 3 bedroom cottage at a Northern Virginia regional park on the Potomac River - for less than we'd have to have paid for most motel rooms we could find online!  And it's got a kitchen so we don't have to pay to eat out as much.  And it will be much more relaxing for everyone if energetic, 7 year old boy is not cooped up in a small motel room!

We've got panda viewing tickets for 11:50 on Thursday at the National Zoo.  In order to not stress the panda mother and baby, they restrict the number of people who can go in at a time. 

See you next week!


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