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DC Trip

It was a good trip, but exhausting.  I've got lots of thoughts of things to write about, but, first, here are two pictures.

P3220044_2Since hotels are so expensive up there, and since we don't care to stay in them anyway (for those of you who don't know him, highly energetic, 7 year old boy fills up a room by himself!).  We found a regional park about half an hour from a metro stop so we rented a cottage there.  It was beautiful and peaceful - right on the Potomac.   I like certain things about cities, but I'm not really a city person.  I like to be able to relax also.  Here's a picture of the sunset over the Potomac from where we stayed.

P3250088_1We were heading in on Saturday, and my husband got into a discussion with a little girl and here mother on the Metro.  They were carrying a kite and going to the kite festival on the Mall.  By the time we left, the Mall and particularly the area around the Washington Monument were full of kite flyers (not all of whom were in complete control of their kites!).  This is the view sort of at the edge looking up towards the Capitol. 



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