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Hi. Came across your site searching for photos of Amy Irving.

Yentl sat like that after burying her father while others bustled around her because she was sitting shiva. "Shiva" is Hebrew, from a root meaning seven, the same root that gives us "Shabbat." In Judaism, after the burial, mourners sit for seven days in the home on low stools or the floor in order to mourn and don't attend to other business, and others take care of the mourners. So, Yentl was doing this because this is what is done.

I do like your observation. I haven't seen the movie in decades and do not recall that scene in detail nor what I observed about it. If Yentl was sitting quietly, I don't know whether I would have interpreted her as sitting in devastation with no energy to do anything, or whether I would have just thought it to be the normal way to act in such a situation. It makes sense that it would be both; shiva is a prescribed time to sit and mourn with no attending to mundane business, so that one can be allowed to sit and mourn -- including staring at the wall, if that's what is needed -- instead of having to set aside that need because of other responsibilities. It is interesting that your unfamiliarity with the tradition of sitting shiva allowed you to observe more deeply this scene.

My condolences to you on the loss of your father.

I enjoyed reading some of your other posts. You spoke to some ideas familiar to me, such as those of schooling, reading, and electrical and analog devices and appliances.

M Light

Thank you. I didn't realize that sitting shiva was literally sitting. And some silence and peace might have been good in those seven days.

And thank you for your kind words.


I've never seen the movie Yentl. I've never heard of it before. This movie will be on my movie list of movies I need to watch.

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