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I have been tagged by Breakfast With Pandora who was, in turn, tagged by The Confessing Reader (does that make The Confessing Reader my grand-meme?).

So, here goes:

Category 1: Jobs you have had in your life

key punch card puncher at the business school at MIT
aerobics instructor
freelance programmer

Category 2: 4 movies you could watch over and over

Galaxy Quest
West Side Story
Star Wars
Sense and Sensibility

Category 3: 4 places you have lived

Detroit, Michigan
Boston, Massachusetts
Winston-Salem, NC
Bynum, NC

Category 4: 4 TV shows you love to watch

Ummm.....since Enterprise went off the air, there's nothing current that we watch regularly.  So here are 4 shows we've been watching on video or DVD:

Star Trek, Deep Space Nine
Fawlty Towers
Red Dwarf
Poldark (Masterpiece Theater from years ago)

Category 5: 4 Places you have been on vacation

Muskoka Lakes, Ontario
Durango, Colorado
Mikkeli, Finland

Category 6: 4 Websites you visit daily

WRAL.com (local news)
Ray's Weather Center - Boone Forecast

Category 6: 4 of your favorite foods

chocolate cake at Eglevsky's in Winston-Salem (now closed)
pizza at the Rose and Thistle in W-S (closed)
petit fours at Tripodi's in Chapel Hill (closed)
scallops in butter at the Salem Cotton Company in W-S (closed)

Category 7: 4 places you'd rather be right now

Bass lake at the Cone Manor in Blowing Rock
Mt. Mitchell (in the fall, though - right now they have a few feet of snow!)
Adgers Wharf in Charleston
I'm happy here!

Category 8: 4 bloggers you are tagging

An Unschooler Takes on High School
May You Lead An Interesting Life


Todd Granger

Grand-meme! I love it.

Todd Granger

Does the status of the restaurants where you ate your favorite foods make you something of a culinary albatross?

I well remember Tripodi's and my favorite food there. I forget the name, but it was a sandwich thick with pastrami and liverwurst, with a slab of cream cheese for good measure.

Heart attack on rye, I think I called it.


You will have to write about Galaxy Quest if you haven't already. Never seen it, never heard of it!

M Light

Culinary albatross or just someone with a memory that is too vivid! My favorite dinner at Tripodi's was the meatball bounce, which, if I'm remembering it correctly, was a chunk of French bread, hollowed out with meatballs and sauce inside.

M Light

I'll definitely write about Galaxy Quest sometime - it's a fun, adventure movie!

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