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I haven't been blogging much this week since I've been trying to take it as easy (except for homeschooling, work and aerobics) as possible to try to get rid of my dizziness. 

Last night, while web-surfing, I ran across some very interesting posts at Mind Hacks.

The first is about how music can affect what you buy.  A study was done about the effects of French and German music on wine sales.  They found that

on the days we play French music nearly 80% of people buying wine from those shelves choose French wine, and on the days we play German music the opposite happens

What is even more interesting is that, when they asked why the customers chose the wine they bought, only 1 out of 44 customers mentioned the music, and

When asked specifically if they thought that the music affected their choice 86% said that it didn't. The behavioural influence of the music was massive, but the customers didn't notice or believe that it was affecting them. Similar experiments have shown that classical music can make people buy more expensive wine, or spend more in restaurants.

Read the whole article:  Music , wine and will.

Another interesting post is Reasons why you don't exist - such as

whether the world as we experience it is just another  reality-bending trick the brain has evolved to use.

And, you really should look at the optical illusion at 3D rooms.

Thanks to Musical Perceptions for the link to Mind Hacks.


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