My Current Morning Reading

Do You Have the Time? Again

In the continuing search for things to spend time on....

We got stuck on this website today:  Book-A-Minute SF/F (Sci Fi/Fantasy)
They're "ultra-condensations" of novels.  Then we went on to Book-A-Minute Classics.

For example:


    The Collected Works of Jane Austen

Female Lead

I secretly love Male Lead.  He must never know.

Male Lead

I secretly love Female Lead.  She must never know.

(They find out.)

Or, one of my favorites:

A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens

Doctor released,
Marquis deceased,
Darnay acquitted,
Monarchy submitted,
Marriage announced,
Darnay denounced,
Places are switched,
Blades are twitched,
Seamstress cries,
Carton dies.

And, if you still have time, Movie -A-Minute:

The Lost World:  Jurassic Park


Jeff Goldblum

We must never go back to the island.  (goes back)

(Everybody DIES.)


Jeff Goldblum

I told you we should never go back to the island.


Go ahead - try to read just one.


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