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Grandfather Mountain has Record Wind

From today's  Durham Herald-Sun:

GRANDFATHER MOUNTAIN, N.C. -- Winds of least 200 mph were recorded early Wednesday on Grandfather Mountain, breaking the previous record of 195.5 mph set almost nine years ago.   

The previous record was set April 18, 1997.   

The upper limit on Grandfather's anemometer is 200 mph, but the needle on the gauge actually went beyond its limit, Grandfather Mountain officials said in a news release.   

The wind blew out three double-strength, steel-wire-reinforced windows at the mountain's visitor center, where it also ripped up floor tiles; blew open a locked door; tore a wooden mantel off a wall; and upended a 300-pound boulder that was cemented into the parking area.   

Besides the fact that I like Grandfather Mountains, the relevance to this blog is that I decided to start a blog last October when hiking on the side of Grandfather Mountain. 


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