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This is an interesting subject to me. I was very much a tomboy and still am. My mother tried to make me otherwise and couldn't. Her friend's grandson used to come over and play with my Barbies while I played in the dirt with his trucks. I think that culture influences us all a lot, but when it comes down to it, a kid will gravitate toward his or her true nature eventually. And for most people, it works out to be the standard girlie and macho stuff. You can't force it either way.


I have provided childcare for families for almost 20yrs.
I believe television and advertising teaches kids what is expected of them also.
Many children begin watching tv and commercials early. Although there are exceptions most kids are susceptible to gender specific expectations commercials and cartoons show.
We have one telivision in our home and we watch together.
We discuss any stereotypes and analyze the intentions of the ads.
The sublte sexism and expectations influence children very early and it is a battle to avoid it.
I believe the media, commercials and society's sexism influences contribute even when parents are attempting to parent non sexist I do not see it is as natural. and inevitable.
Grandparents can influence and friends.
We don't live in a bubble.

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