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Moomin Light, or How I Came Up with This Name

We were on our annual vacation in the mountains a few weeks ago (we had rain and the leaves changed late, but it was still wonderful) when I decided I would start a blog.  We got back home and I spent some time figuring out what website to use for a blog, then spent over a week trying to think of a name.  Many names were already taken, and some just didn't fit.  I was getting frustrated with the whole idea. 

I was driving my son back from choir a few weeks ago, and we were listening to the song, "Western Highway," sung by Maura O'Connell.  One verse goes:

"By the roadside the trees are shiverin'
Black and silver in the cool night air
And under the moonlight hear a song you're singin'
Sayin' I will meet you there"

She draws out  "moonlight" and when I'm not paying total attention (like when I'm driving) I mistake it for Moomin light, which, when I thought about it, was a neat name for a weblog, and which was not already taken.  The Moomin stories have been favorites for both of our older children, and the youngest one (6 yo) has been enjoying having them read out loud recently (Currently, however, I'm reading Prince Caspian to him.  He was so excited to find that The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was only the first of seven books!)

Looking at the CD again, this recording of "Western Highway" (written by Gerry O'Beirne) is quite a compilation:  along with Maura O'Connell singing, they have Nanci Griffith doing the backing vocal (those high haunting repeated "highway"'s), Bela Fleck playing guitar, Grey Larson playing flute, and Mark O'Connor playing bass.



I'm glad I poked around and found this post. Not only had I wondered about the name, Western Highway is one of my favorite songs. We saw her play here at the Carolina Theater with Leo Kottke several years ago. I think I'll go listen to it now! I'm not familiar with the Moomin stories though - you have piqued my curiosity further.

M Light

I like the name, but I've realized that, since most people haven't heard of Moomins, it's probably just confusing. But, if I changed it, I'd have to write something like "The blogger formerly known as Moomin Light" and that would be worse!

We've seen Maura O'Connell probably three or four times by now. Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to be coming anywhere near here this year (I'm on an e-mail mailing list).

And the Moomin stories are great - sort of odd and dreamy in places.

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