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I'm glad I poked around and found this post. Not only had I wondered about the name, Western Highway is one of my favorite songs. We saw her play here at the Carolina Theater with Leo Kottke several years ago. I think I'll go listen to it now! I'm not familiar with the Moomin stories though - you have piqued my curiosity further.

M Light

I like the name, but I've realized that, since most people haven't heard of Moomins, it's probably just confusing. But, if I changed it, I'd have to write something like "The blogger formerly known as Moomin Light" and that would be worse!

We've seen Maura O'Connell probably three or four times by now. Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to be coming anywhere near here this year (I'm on an e-mail mailing list).

And the Moomin stories are great - sort of odd and dreamy in places.

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