“By the blue purple yellow red water”

Moomintroll books

The Moomintroll books are a lovely series by the Finnish author Tove Jansson.  Moominmamma is the mother of Moomintroll, the main character.  She's very organized, but also dreamy and looks at things from a different perspective:

"They [Moomintroll and Moominmamma] sat side by side in the moss and watched the schooner sail across the pond and land at the other shore beside a large leaf...
Moominmamma nodded.  She was dipping her snout in the water and looking at the horizon.
'There's a nice gleam down there,' she said.
'It's your golden bracelet,' said Moomintroll.  'And the Snork Maiden's necklace.  Good idea, isn't it?'
'Splendid,' said his mother.  'We'll always keep our bangles in brown pond water in the future.  They're so much more beautiful down there.'

Moominsummer Madness  - Tove Jansson

Moominmamma is one of my alter egos for this blog - the side of me that looks at things in an unusual way, the side that listens deeply, the side that's open to new ideas whether they are loud and brash or small and quiet.  Maybe especially when they're small and quiet.

Moominmamma/homeschooling posts will be calmer and have to do with the unusual way we homeschool.

Little My is small, but not quiet and also looks at things in an unusual way.  She's my alter ego for the loud and brash posts, and has her own category. 



We are homeschoolers, too. I aspire to Moominmama-ness but I'm too loud! I also aspire to Snufkin-ness (I'm a writer) but again, I'm afraid I have too much Sniff in me. But the story about Snufkin trying to write a song and being bothered by the little creature is EXACTLY my experience of trying to write with kids in the house!!

M Light

My writing tends to be late at night or early in the morning. Even then, it's not always guaranteed!

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