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Opinionated, homeschooling, musical mother.


I’m a very quiet, bookish, but outdoorsy, homeschooling mother. My faith is fairly orthodox (little “o”), Trinitarian, Nicene and Apostle’s Creed, Christian, and mostly Catholic, though I’m currently in an Episcopalian church.
I homeschool because I love learning and want to share that with my children.
I look at life from what often seems, in comparison to others, to be an unusual point of view, even though it seems completely normal to me. I question everything, including, or most especially, myself. Politically, I'm an independent, which means I can probably offend everyone.
I love my family, books, nature, music, learning, teaching aerobics and intense, but polite, debate. I'm half Finnish and half Estonian.


music, gardening, hiking, books, education, social issues