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I hate to say it, but waking at 3 a.m. is a symptom of depression. I wish you well!

M Light

Thank you!

Russell Dill

The same thing happens to my wife. It’s become quite a source of problems in the past too. She would feel unhappy, and she would start questioning life and, most of the time, our relationship, when in fact, she is just physically and mentally exhausted from work. Fortunately, we got to talk some time, and found a solution to this. She does what you do too – analyze if it really is depression or just physical exhaustion. Identifying the problem is the first step to solving it. And since we’ve already deduced that she is just tired most of the time, I make sure she gets a day to rest when “depression” strikes again. When she finally feels rested, she would say she’s happy once again, and that she loves me very much. Haha!

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