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I can SO relate, and I will tell you that next to your accomplishments, I AM a failure. lol! Of course, you know that other people don't see us as failures. It's just what we tell ourselves in our heads. Sigh. You are awesome, and the fact that you are dancing at 49 is just one of the things that proves it!


You have failed to convince me that you are a failure.


I'm a failure too.

And I'm a double failure because Summer posted what I was going to say only she got here first, probably because she reads faster than I do and goes to bed earlier and gets up earlier.... ;-)


I have a few things to say.

First, I laughed about the 13-year-old-hibernate comment because C has been doing the same thing but I'm not smart enough to know it is just a phase. So thanks for the heads up.

Second, in my view dancing should be required activity for everyone at every age so shut up about how you aren't supposed to be doing that. In Terry's zumba classes there are people on up to and including age 90+. ;-)

Third, though I can definitely relate to the feeling, I'm really hoping this whole "I'm a failure" thing is tongue-in-cheek because it's ridiculously not-true and the next time that idea pops into your head you need to stick your fingers in your ears and go "la-la-la-la" and not listen.

Fourth, I always enjoyed our chats and times together when we and our kids were younger and I never realized that was so hard for you so you obviously aren't a failure because the only way I know you are so "bad" at that sort of thing is that you say so on this blog a lot.

Fifth, I hope you don't mind my blunt responses.


M Light

Jennifer: You're not a failure either - you just have different accomplishments! (see below) Besides, to me, what I do doesn't feel like accomplishments, it just feels like... what I do. :)

Summer: Failed again!

Reticula: You aren't a failure either. BTW, you and Jennifer both sing Karaoke, right? I don't sing anything in public that I haven't practiced to death. That's an accomplishment I don't have.

Emily: Blunt is good.

P's best friend, who lives next door, is a year older than he is so we saw the hibernation stage a year ago.

Second: No, no, NO! The conversations we had when our kids were little are NOT the type I'm talking about here. Those were... real conversations, for lack of a better description. I didn't even know what you were talking about the first time I read through your comment.

Thank you, all, for the encouragement!



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