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I always think you're hiding something when you post only photos. When they are of adorable animals, I start to get nervous, like you are softening us up for the blow. "Look at these adorable creatures...and also, I have decided to only like people with peglegs because of their moral fortitude born of years of suffering pirate jokes. Also, look at these jazz videos. Plus did you notice that all y'all are kind of unhealthily obsessed with nail hygiene? But that's okay because, look at these cats." Except with more acute observations than the pegleg/pedicure remarks I supplied. So basically, I am guessing that you have a secret, but [mostly] benevolent plot afoot. I'm right, aren't I?

M Light

LOL! That's SO much more interesting than the reality!

Really, I've had two work projects due in three weeks, and nobody wants to read what I would end up writing after I've spent the entire evening writing things like: "About one-third (32%) of participants who answered the survey..." That's *good* for work, but doesn't make for scintillating blog fare. Also, by that time, I'm tired of writing. :)

Besides, I've got all these photos I've never shown! Because, the other reality, that I just recently realized, is that if I'm doing lots of photo-worthy fun things (like last spring), I'm probably too busy to post the photos.


Summer - while Moomin Light has no strange secret thing she is holding back, the cuttlefish most certainly does. I mean just look at that face...


I usually forget to take photos of my secret plots and aquatic co-conspirators. Glad you are having fun and doing good work.

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