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Summer Poppets

Thanks again for the teeshirts! It's good to see they have a lot of good memories as well as a good sense of humor.

M Light

I was so glad you wanted them!


I remember that Don't Feed the Bears t-shirt. Did we give it to OS or do I just remember him wearing it?

I loved seeing your Nice photos. I don't have many from there, since Scott had his camera stolen during our visit. Nice to see these places again!

M Light

I don't remember who gave it to him. It was popular with all three.

I was surprised to realize that, in the Nice photos in our album, Mom and Dad were younger than Steve and I are now.


Oh, good lord, Jeff mentions all the time the age my parents were when he met them. And how we're almost there. How in the heck . . .

M Light

Ummm..... Mom was my age when she became a grandmother. 8)

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