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Welcome to this week's edition of Tar Heel Tavern, a roundup of all that is good about blogging from the state of North Carolina. If I missed your submission or if it's Sunday morning and you think, "Dang, I forget... [Read More]



Those are just gorgeous! As far as the leaves go, I've had to console myself with just the trip from Charlotte to North Wilkesboro last Friday.

Erin Monahan

Beautiful pictures. Such gorgeous colors!


Beautiful! I'm from Boone (Newland, actually, but my family lives in Boone now) and living in Korea this year, so it's great to see such good pictures from home. Was it Woolly Worm Festival weekend?

M Light

Thank you all! And yes, last weekend was the woolly worm festival.

This year, we didn't see as many woolly worms as we usually do while hiking (for those of you not from the south, woolly worms are a kind of caterpillar).

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