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Umm. I had wings (in my hair) and I was a cheerleader.

Can we still be friends?

(Does it help that I did my cheerleading & wings-combing in a very small Christian school? And that there was no marching band or math club for me to be in? And that I also sang in the choir and madrigals?)

M Light

Of course we can still be friends! (silly)

I didn't say there was anything wrong with it - I just had no desire to do all that. And I don't see why those things (cheerleader, etc.) are always considered some of the most important parts of high school life.

I'd feel pretty much the same if some school thought band was the most important - it leaves out a lot of people who have no interest.

(BTW,how'd you get the wings to stay up? (Earlier, my daughter was looking at the picture and asking that.))

Rachel W

I have heard all about Emily and her cheerleading high school life.

I was so not that kind of person. I was in high school when grunge was big so I was a chick that read a book on the highest bleacher while the "spirited" cheerleaders went "rah-rah" below me. I never took to much excitement in life. I sang in the choir but the choir teacher changed my senior year (the last one was top notch) and did not like me. He called me a dizzy blonde and refused to accept me into the Madrigals. I was crushed, but not too crushed since the guy made them sound awful because he could not direct for anything.

Later I found that he went to jail for molesting a kid in the school (a boy) and ruined his family. What a mess.

Emily Smith

OK that's kinda scary Rachel because we had a similar scandal in our (Christian) school! Yuck!!

Laura -- I have no idea if I actually *was* successful in getting the wings to stay that way... but there was a curling iron involved, I do remember that! Maybe some day I'll show you a pic. :-)

M Light

Curling irons work on my hair - for about two minutes. Then it's back to straight.

I'm amazed at some people who are allowed to be teachers!

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