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Rachel W

That is FABULOUS! I completely skipped this post I think on accident, so did not get a chance to post. I LOVE art and would LOVE to see your husband's work. Both of my brothers are artists (not working ones like your hubby) but they could do it if they wanted. I think it is absolutely great to see others doing what they are best at. It is like if I didn't sing and write music (even though I don't have a contract). God has given us each gifts and will bless us in them because He is blessed by them. I REALLY want to see his work.

I look forward to the next post!

M Light

You can see three of his pieces in a slide show at his page on the Gallery's website: http://hillsboroughgallery.com/emeryslideshow.html
They go by kind of quickly, though, and his work is the sort that you have to look at for a while to get it all in.

Some of his work, and some of my older son's work, is also at http://hamjamser.blogspot.com/
He's Virgil; older son is Nigel.

He feels his art is a sort of prayer.

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