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Erin Monahan

I absolutely love running into posts like this. I've always been crazy about reading, and have always fostered that love in my children. My oldest son read on college level by the 5th grade, he reads me under the table - and I'm unbelievably happy that he does. I've been lucky that they all love to read (well, 5 out of 6 anyway, the little guy hasn't quite picked up on it yet, but I figure that's ok at 3 months of age lol)

"When I’m reading, I always prefer to have a moment or two to transition from a book to the “real world,” or, shall we say, the world visible to everyone else. I’ve always tried to give the same consideration to my children. If I need to interrupt them, I tell them that when they get to a stopping place, it’s time for dinner, bed, etc."

My mother thinks I'm crazy that I do this. She thinks they should be able to drop the book and go. I never could do that lol, and I figure I can indulge them an extra minute or 2 to finish up and re-adjust.

It tickles me to hear my son say "Oh NO! I FINISHED it!" because I have the same reaction to finishing a book!

Excellent post - glad to see I'm not the only one ;)

Moomin Light


"It tickles me to hear my son say "Oh NO! I FINISHED it!" because I have the same reaction to finishing a book!"

I end up feeling like I just came up for air (or something like that). The world around me seems...strange. It's part of why I love really long books - I can be immersed in them for longer. And trilogies are even better!

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